Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Au coin de ma rue

This monday Rianne visit and she gave me this cool gift. A street style memory game. And the maker of the concept and the photographer of this was Barbara Iweins. I visit her wordpress blog and I couldn't stop reading all these amazing stories about the stuff that reflect them best. I'm a real lover of these kind of images and especially the story behind it.

Her wordpress blog is called Au coin de ma rue and she "explain's" her fascination like this:
"Most people we cross each day are forgotten instantly, but sometimes some individuals have a "little undefinable something" that makes them unforgettable."

So her latest series is really what grabbed my attention the most. It's called Un an plus tard. And she tells this about it on her blog.

Couldn't describe it better, so here is a example also directly from her blog. Visit her blog here!

Jeffrey (Un an plus tard)

The computer: I need to bring this computer everywhere. Eventhough I hate to confess it, I am really depending on this little thing. I am doing a lot of photo editing on the most exaggerated ways so I need a fast laptop.

“Stones Throw” sticker: Some artists I really like at the moment are under this label (Mayer Hawthorne, Aloe Blacc, JDilla) but the fact that this sticker is on my computer is just a coincidence. It’s quite a new computer so in a few months it will be full of other ones.

The watch: Not that I am always on time… but since I am ten years old, I am wearing watches and if I don’t have one around my wrist, I feel naked. This watch I received it from all my friends at my birthday.

Bracelet with the religious icons: I am not that religious but my mother is really spiritual. She hasn’t always been like that but when her father died she started feeling and sensing a lot of things (she even wrote it down for me). I recognized all these things and even if she only acknowledged this gift after the death of her father, I have also ‘seen’ things that can not be explained scientifically. My mother has a good friend where she can discuss all these things and one day when she was visiting us, this friend told me a lot of things about my past/future and she gave me that bracelet which has for me a positive energy.

Iphone & Headphones: I can not consider myself as passionate of music but when I listen to music I like it to be from good quality. It’s not the best headphones ever but it’s still better than earplugs. I love to be alone in my world so I like to isolate myself. I have always been a dreamer. Even when I was young, when I was walking with my sister and mother I was walking through the red light without noticing it. Even now I am still in my own world. When I am walking with friends, for instance, If I am closing myself in my thoughts I start walking very fast without even noticing it.

Graphic tablet: It’s the extension to my laptop. I use it to be much more precise in my work ( Now, I am so used to it that I can’t work with a mouse anymore.

Vaseline & Mousse: I have a very very dry skin and there is not really anything else that I can use to occur it. The deodorant  is just because I like to smell good J

Glasses: I have these glasses for 2 years and a half. At that period, I was in a phase where I wanted to drawn the attention. I was wearing flashy colors…Maybe creative people like to experiment things. I actually started wearing fake glasses before but because of them I got real eye problems.

Hat: I am always wearing something on my head since I am young. When my head was a little cold, I got sick immediately so my mother obliged me to always put a hat on. Even in class, eventhough it was forbidden for others, I could wear one. Now I am perpetuating the tradition.

Visit her blog here!


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